Saturday, October 2, 2010

Function of PDA software

Personal Digital Assistant is an abbreviated of PDA; computer based electronic devices and small form and can be taken anywhere. PDAsare widely used as personal organizers at first, but because of its development, and then multiply function uses, such as a calculator, clock and timing pointer, computer games, access of the Internet, Sending and receiving electronic mail (e-mail), a radio receiver, video recorder, and memo recorder. In addition to the PDA (pocket computer), we can use the address book and store addresses, read e-books, using GPS and many more other functions. Even more sophisticated version of the PDA can be used as mobile phones, Internet access, intranets, or extranets via WiFi or Wireless Network. One characteristic of most primary PDA is a touch screen facility.

The software is a general term for data that is formatted and stored digitally, including computer programs, documentation, and various information that can be read and written by a computer. PDA software is collection of computer programs and associated data that provides instructions that tell a computer what to do that has been entered on your PDA or small computer that can be taken anywhere, so it is more practical. SurveyToGo is one of the PDA Data Collection Software that allows you to create, implement and manage electronic mobile surveys, field surveys and surveys Laptop PDA. This survey was first designed and then saved to the server and then synchronized either PDA or laptop for field data collection.