Thursday, September 9, 2010

PDA development

PDA first appeared in 1986. But the shape is still like a small computer that can be gripped, which is equipped with a keyboard and screen. Further development of PDA has a touch screen and an external memory slot which is characteristic of a PDA and a standard for PDA’s. And on recent developments, a PDA is more often used as a means of wireless communication. Feature currently offered also refers more to support consumer lifestyles as internet users.

PDA’s have a working system like an operating system on your computer, so that the PDA is said hand held computer, mobile phone or a merger with the computer. Current PDA capabilities to perform various memory cards are supported by the availability of which reach the size of gigabytes. PDA users can add different kinds of features you want without having to fear the memory limitations. With the addition of new features, it does not mean the old features removed. Initially an assistant to function as a digital agenda remains a feature of the most widely used mainly by businessmen. PDA users can enter his schedule to be reminded later by a reminder tool.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Basic understanding on PDA

PDA is short term for personal digital assistant. If you are wonder, what kind of device is PDA? This gadget is a combination between computer and personal planning. If have so many schedule, planning or anything that you might be hard to remember, using this personal device will make your day easier.

This device was developed by Apple ( company and used first time on 1992. For this day PDA already hit to a new level of communication and personal assistant technology because it’s function as a smart phone too.

This PDA application, this day already come in Windows mobile system. That will make this device easy to use. If you can operate your personal computer or laptop, I think understanding PDA will be easy. This PDA recently has come in touch screen features but also they provide virtual keyboard on their system. 

Because you are going to used many application and data in there, check out their memory and disk space I think is very important. For easy transferring data their wireless connectivity will get you there. I hope this short brief will give you a little information about this PDA device.

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Using PDA

PDA or personal digital assistant is a sophisticated technology from a cell phone. These objects can be told a small computer. Their applications and functions are similar to a computer. The difference is this can be brought everywhere. You can do anything you should work on your computer, plus you can make calls and access the internet.

This sophisticated mobile phone installed with famous touch screen. If you access the internet with a computer requires a wired LAN, so with this smart phone you do not require any cables to access the Internet. You also can write any kind, such as scheduling, records or documents whatsoever. You can use excel, word, or power point with programmed installed. So many things can be obtained from this smart phone, all you need can be met by a smart little one this. All news can be found, education, politics, economics, sports, or whatever you need. You only need to live press the little button.