Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Basic understanding on PDA

PDA is short term for personal digital assistant. If you are wonder, what kind of device is PDA? This gadget is a combination between computer and personal planning. If have so many schedule, planning or anything that you might be hard to remember, using this personal device will make your day easier.

This device was developed by Apple ( company and used first time on 1992. For this day PDA already hit to a new level of communication and personal assistant technology because it’s function as a smart phone too.

This PDA application, this day already come in Windows mobile system. That will make this device easy to use. If you can operate your personal computer or laptop, I think understanding PDA will be easy. This PDA recently has come in touch screen features but also they provide virtual keyboard on their system. 

Because you are going to used many application and data in there, check out their memory and disk space I think is very important. For easy transferring data their wireless connectivity will get you there. I hope this short brief will give you a little information about this PDA device.

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