Thursday, January 6, 2011

Understanding PDA functions

Do you know the PDA? Yeah, an art object that has a shape like a cell phone. Many general public thinks this thing is a cell phone, but is not actually a cell phone. PDA or Personal Digital Assistant is a computer based electronic devices and is shaped like a small mobile phone and can be taken anywhere. At first, many PDAs use as personal organizers, but because of technological development is always evolving, so then multiply this PDA utility functions, such as a calculator, clock and timing pointer, computer games, access the internet, sending and receiving electronic mail (e-mail), a radio receiver, video recorder, and memo recorder.

In addition, the PDA (pocket computer), we can use the address book and store addresses, read e-books, using GPS and many more other functions. Even more sophisticated version of the PDA can be used as mobile phones, internet access, intranets, or extranets via Wi-Fi or wireless network. One characteristic of most primary PDA is a touch screen facility.

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