Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we can get from PDA function

Many people are getting lazy that must carry two different mobile devices to store their personal contacts. If anyone has multiple functions in one device, plus additional attractive features like a camera, why should you buy a separate item? Surely most people think like that, perhaps also including us. PDA or Personal Digital Assistant, a product of a little mini-task many could replace a PC or computer. Shown with small size, still able to grip, a PDA offers high flexibility and mobility. As with computers, we can complete our work and we can take it wherever we want. There are a variety of operating systems that are planted in various types of PDAs, such as Microsoft Pocket PC, Palm, or Linux. Features and applications that can be installed into the PDA were different, but generally have the same function.

But because the technology is growing and people also want things that are practical, then the PDA is becoming obsolete, the community turned to a smart phone that has the same function as a PDA but the phone also has advantages.

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