Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creating home based business with PDA

If you have one of PDA, you might as well us it to help you build your home based business and increase your profits. That’s right, don’t waste your money paying the bill for technology you’re paying for and not get full use of it. Take advantage of all of that high tech stuff. Here some ideas you can try to take more benefits from your PDAs.
  • All of these PDA’s are mp3 players as well so while you’re downloading you music, you should also download those motivational, educational or training CD’s on your phone. Take your training where ever you go so you’re constantly learning and developing your skills. You can also listen to that electronic book you’ve wanted to read but never got around to it.
  • Try utilizwe your calendar on your phone as a planning tool. Most phones can synch to Outlook so you might as well synch your PDA with your computer so you can have all of your contacts and appointments on you at all times.
  • Think about when someone emailing you some important word document or an excel spreadsheet that needs to be reviewed. PDA’s today have that capability where you can receive documents as an attachment and open them on your phone. This way you can reply to someone immediately without telling them you’ll respond after you get back to the office.
  • Imagine when you think of something great while driving car and no less then 15 minutes, I believe that most of them will forgeted. Get smart and as soon as a thought comes to your mind, record it on your PDA in the voice notes. Since I started doing that, things have worked out well for me. I no longer depend on my memory to keep good notes. I let my phone do it for me.
  • Since social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are very popular this day, as business tools so why not continue to update your status or send out a tweet from your phone? Just about every phone, if not all of them, have the applications for the phones. Just imagine informing 5,000 of your closest Facebook friends immediately about a product your company is coming out with? Do you think you’ll get some interest in the product? Of course you would so start updating that status and start tweeting.
These are just a few things you can do with you phone but don’t forget functions like texting, surfing the web and conference calls. These also are good tools you can use to help your home based business.


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